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Pretty Petals & Co. | Vintage barn wedding.

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Vintage barn confetti wedding ideas

Vintage barn weddings are growing increasingly popular. They are an edgy alternative to a wedding but you can have many colour themes with this style of wedding.

A light and elegant barn wedding would be ideal for our enchanted forest mix. This makes excellent throwing confetti, showering you in a touch of natural colour. All petals are biodegradable so this is an added bonus.

Or perhaps you would like to inject a pop of colour into your vintage barn wedding. Bright, colourful and summer colours would also look amazing at a barn wedding. Our club tropicana mix would make stunning throwing confetti; providing you with an instant colour rush. Or maybe our secret garden confetti is more suited to your colour theme. This is great value and perhaps if you're on a budget but still want that iconic confetti moment then this is the confetti for you.

If you would rather purchase some of our rose petals to sprinkle across your guests tables then this is okay too, fairy lights and rose petals make the perfect decor at a barn wedding.


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