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Pretty Petals & Co. | Easter wedding

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Easter confetti wedding ideas

Easter wedding's are definitely going to be hot in 2019!

You can choose to go down a pastel, pale colour theme. This suits spring time with the softer colours and we have some lush petals like our pale pink and ivory delphiniums that would make wonderful throwing confetti and it would ensure that you have the confetti moment that you've always dreamed of. These petals are also biodegradable so they should be accepted at most wedding venues.

Or perhaps you're feeling the bright colours and the summery vibes. We love bright colours and our Tropical mix is ideal for this colour theme. It has some vibrant colours mixed in so it instantly radiates colour into your confetti moment. This mix has a range of petals in so you get the full effect.

It's totally fine if you just want to buy the petals and throw them from maybe a basket or share it out between guests; however add some fun to your confetti moment by buying our Confetti poppers. These are fun for all guests when used but they also provide an excellent confetti moment and makes wonderful pictures. So despite which colour theme you decide to go for, you can use our Confetti poppers and fill them with elegant larkspur or delphinium petals.


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