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Pretty Petals & Co. | Bright colours wedding

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Bright colours confetti wedding ideas

With summer vastly approaching, we have created a bright colours mood board. We love all of these colours and we have some products that will fit in perfectly with this theme.

Larkspur petals make the perfect throwing confetti and we have some vibrant colours that you can choose from. We have a wide variety of colours so you can find one that best suits your colour theme. Pinks and purples are ideal for summer weddings and they instantly inject a pop of colour into your confetti moment. These petals are naturally dried so when they fall they make a fabulous confetti moment and if you're lucky enough to catch a picture of this moment it will not dissapoint.

Bright coloured rose petals can be used to decorate your aisle or walkway or even your tables. Again, we have a range of freeze dried rose petals so that you can find one to suit your theme. These petals can be used as throwing confetti as well as the larkspur petals but they are a bigger petal so may not make the desired effect and may be harder to capture a picture of.


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