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Pretty Petals & Co. | Full Wedding Aisle Decoration.

Wow, wow, wow! How lush does this wedding setting look? Are you hoping to create something similar? Use our biodegradable rose petals to create a full coverage aisle. Our roses have been preserved to retain their natural, beautiful shape and have added dyes to ensure the colour remains prominent. The dye in the petals aren't easily transferable to clothing such as dresses and suits, however, some of the darker colours are more likely to rub off although this is only likely if rubbed vigorously. The lighter colour petals are not likely to transfer colour. Our two most popular colours that we sell in our preserved rose petals are White and Pale pink; these two colours are elegant, light and create an effortlessly stunning effect. Our rose petals look great either used as full coverage like in the picture below, or they look great when used to line the walkway with/around candles or hurricanes If you aren't sure how many litres of petals you'll need to create your desired effect, just pop us an email or a message over on our Facebook page and we will try and help you as much as we can. Please note, we would need to know the length of your aisle. All of our rose petals are 100% biodegradable and they are widely accepted at most wedding venues. Order online today.


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